Real-time tracking and online visualization of people and goods on map


clients' application

Mapilary Tracker

Tracker gives your clients flexibility, freedom and a number of value added features. It is usually installed on smartphones and tablets.

It’s mobile application, which enables end users to see instant position of delivery on the map, to know estimated time of arrival (ETA) and current place in the delivery list. Customers can change date, place and time of their delivery or entrust somebody else to pick it up.

Mapilary Courier

Courier application significantly facilitates setting & planning of delivery route and automates communication with consignees. It is usually installed on tablets or PCs.

Courier application shows all destinations on the map (on a single screen). Courier can plan his/her route by simple clicking on the screen. Once the courier submits the route, all consignees receive notification, informing them about specific & short delivery time window. Each client can easily accept the delivery window and confirm presence at the delivery address. This significantly reduces number of calls placed by the courier and increases number of successful first time delivery attempts.

drivers' application
dispatchers' application

Mapilary Dispatcher

Dispatcher application is ready to use application for logistic, transportation, food and parcel delivery companies. It is usually installed on desktops or laptops.

Dispatchers’ software package enables food/parcel management, route management and automates parcels/goods/food delivery assignment to drivers. Operators can communicate with drivers in real time. They can add new delivery requests to drivers, inform drivers about news ...or use a number of other rich features included in the app.

Mapilary Widget

Mapilary web widget can be easily placed on your web site. It will increase number of visitors on your web page.

The widget enables your customers to see instant position of a delivery on map, know estimated time of arrival (ETA) and current place in courier's delivery list.

web widget